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You Cannot Afford To Avoid Application Security

There is no doubt that the safety and security of sensitive information is the primary concern in software application security. Data in transit, and in particular, data _at rest_, needs to be protected and to do so you need to put security controls in place. Security needs to be part of the full lifecycle of your software - design, development, testing & maintenance.

If you think you can’t afford to address application security now, think again - It’ll cost you much more in the future… Uber paid hackers a ransom of $100,000 to destroy the data they stole and then was fined nearly $500,000 for letting them steal the data in the first place $600,000 may mean nothing to a company like Uber but what does it mean to you? Application security isn’t a luxury, its a requirement. Stop putting it off and get your data secured before its too late.


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