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Computer Programming

Software Consulting and Assessment Services

Troy Web Consulting is business smart and tech-savvy. We start with your business goals and needs--what you are trying to accomplish and the impact you want to make. We do a thorough audit and assessment to understand objectives and how we will measure success to assure ROI. Then we scope out the project (based on risk and readiness) with the recommended technology options most effective and efficient for your business. Lastly, we deliver a plan with a well-defined process for developing software from the ground up or modernizing and integrating new technology into your legacy systems.

Software Development is Risky

Business leaders struggle with unknowns.

Have a business objective that needs an application, system integration or other technology, but you don’t know where to start?

Not knowing where to start.

Have an idea for a software product and you need help planning out the best path for development?

Not having things mapped out.

A single, off-the-self platform may not solve your business' specific problems.

Not knowing what to start with.

We've been there.

Our team improves success rate

There are several software development methodologies, steps, and risks to be aware of. With experience developing software products for companies of different sizes and of different industries, we both understand and have experienced the many things that can go wrong on a project. Understand exactly what it takes to complete your software project by hiring a team that understands software development at every stage of the software development lifecycle. 

21+ Years Developing Software Solutions

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"Before starting our software development project, we needed to make sure we would be successful. After careful review, we were able to address several risks that could've led to wasted money and development hours."

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