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Troy Web Consulting Press Kit

Troy Web Consulting provides commercial-grade software development services without headaches. Our services range from consulting and assessment to the design, development, QA, and maintenance of software applications. We understand that software development can be a nightmare - our commercial-grade Software Development Lifecycle helps you sleep well at night knowing that your web app, mobile app, or website is secure, reliable, and performant.

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Logo and Usage

Ensure that there is an appropriate amount of padding around the logo; around the width of the ‘w’, to ensure the logo doesn’t intersect with other elements on the page.

When Troy Web’s logo, adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Always leave generous white space around the logo so it’s never too close to another element on the page.

  2. Do not distort the logo’s shape.

  3. Do not recolor the logo.

  4. Do not upscale the logo as it will lower the quality.

  5. Do not place the logo over other images

  6. Do not put the logo on low contrast background. If it is unavoidable then use the approved white variant.

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