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Government and NGO Software Development Services

Founded in the Capital District of the Empire State of New York, we’re no strangers to government. We’ve worked in dozens of state agencies during our tenure, focusing on the regulatory side of health care, education, environmental, cybersecurity, civil service, real property and social services. We provide full-service in all areas of development from business analysis of compliance requirements to designing easy-to-use, accessible software that works with assistive technologies.

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An Understanding of Software for Government Agencies

Government is multifaceted and as such, is in a constant state of reactionary challenges. It is unlikely that anything in our lifetimes will have a more influential impact on government than the COVID-19 Pandemic. From public health to education, labor to tourism, all industries will be tugging on government in the coming weeks, months and years. The demand for resources will be countered by the sheer lack of them… and government agencies will need to use new methods to engage with citizens, build infrastructure, shore-up supply chain and rebuild critical infrastructure. As our lives have transformed to be physically distant in our social interactions, the practicality of such measures will impact decisions of regulators to better serve citizens. Software and technology will be the key to creating this new government - one that can scale with cloud computing, adapt to exponential challenges with artificial intelligence and endure the test of time with simple automation that may someday, just maybe, get rid of those DMV lines once and for all.

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