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Software Solutions for All Industries

Being Flexible is one of our core values

Below are the top industries we've worked with over the years however, our solutions are not limited to just these industries. Our team is flexible and work to understand your business so we can provide custom solutions.


HIPAA-compliant applications with private, secure data.

Environmental/ Energy

​Systems that have dealt with both the technology and the politics of energy.

Engineering/ Construction

​CRM & ERP systems, time tracking, construction estimating, and more.


​Solutions build with complex regulatory requirements while staying on budget.


A strong penchant for application security and data privacy


​Founded in the Capital District of the Empire State of New York

Couldn't find your industry?

With Be Flexible being one of our core values, we have been part of countless industries throughout our years in business. Our team is capable of analyzing your business and developing a custom solution for your software problem. Let us know your industry and work together to build a solution.

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