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Software Integration & Modernization Services

As technology changes, your systems need to change in order to stay efficient and competitive. Modernizing your software may not be as painful as you think. Modern microsystem architecture allows independent systems to use simple Internet protocols to communicate and distribute work.


We can iteratively roll out upgraded components to your system to make the task at hand more manageable while keeping your systems running and your data secure. We also make sure our solutions take advantage of the best new and emerging technologies while adhering to industry standards in software development.

Explore the Benefits of Improving your Software

Unlock your software's full potential by implementing customized software solutions that bring benefits such as improved productivity, reduced costs, and better customer relationships. With a team of experienced software engineers, Troy Web Consulting can design, develop and deploy powerful software solutions to modernize your business and boost growth. These include:

  • API Development

  • Scalable Application Architecture

  • Cloud Infrastructure & Migration

  • Software Upgrades

  • Data Privacy & Protection

  • Software Security Integration

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