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Education Software Development Services

Application security and data privacy are key elements that cannot be overlooked when developing education software. This includes an in-depth understanding of standards like New York State Education Law 2D when developing software.

Keep Application Secure

Keep Data Private

Stay on Budget


A Long History in Education

Our first client was the NYS Department of Education and we continue to work with them today, along with numerous other clients in education, online learning & online exam systems. With a strong penchant for application security and data privacy, we are leading the way in helping organizations understand the impact of NYS ED LAW 2-D. We provide a full-spectrum of services in all areas of educational software projects, from designing visually engaging eLearning experiences to sophisticated data analysis reporting.

We Understand Education Software

Like many organizations, Educational institutions struggle with change. Historically, schools in the U.S. have been leaders in education, but changes to how people learn and how education can effectively be delivered are being driven from the world market - in particular, large, urban populations in China, India and Africa. At the heart of this change lies the technology enhancements that are making distance and virtual learning an everyday reality. With the recent social distancing requirements caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, there is an accelerated pace at which organizations need to move.

Change in the education sector is not limited to how learning is delivered; Learning content has changed to meet the demands of the job market and workforce needs of the gig economy. Teaching methods are also making significant leaps forward as personality assessments, along with measurements of student emotional quotients and adaptability quotients are allowing teachers to tailor their methods for each student.

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