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Free Software Development and Business Resources

Software development is no easy task. Our most successful clients have an understanding of the software development lifecycle process so we are committed to teaching the fundamentals we’ve experienced over the last 20+ years. The more you understand, the more prepared you are to hire a software development company. Avoid some of the expensive and demoralizing pitfalls that can happen with an unsuccessful project by using the resources below.

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A software development project assessment is the best way to assure custom software development success. A proper assessment determines your project goals, scope, and management approach before investing valuable time and resources in software development.


Before you start development or hire a software partner, you need to fully understand the wants and needs of your application. Use this template to prioritize the scope of your specifications.


How is your software development project holding up? Do your know the status of each feature, bug fix, etc. This project status template will help you stay on top of the many moving parts that come with every software project.


A hacked site, an obsolete platform, an unresponsive developer - these are some of the common reasons to start a new website development project and rebuild your website. This resource will help you avoid some common disasters with migrating a website.

Other Resources

Software Application Development Cost Calculator

Software Application Development is a complicated process that agencies take years to master. Before spending time, money, and resources on your software development project, use our calculator for a rough order of magnitude estimate in minutes. Was your estimate different from our calculation?

Free Remote Work Policy and Business Continuity Templates

Life is never as predictable as we think so we can never be too prepared. Use these resources to keep your team on the ready for the random moments like having to switch the entire staff to a remote working environment or even having to implement a pandemic response plan.

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