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3 Overlooked Cybersecurity Risks In The Workplace

Halloween is just a couple of weeks away, but we can assure you that there are scarier things than the ghosts and werewolves you may catch running around your neighborhood on October 31st.

Here are 3 unnoticed Office cybersecurity risks that could lead to some spooky consequences:

  1. Poor Passwords Internet passwords are a concern for everyone. However, when it comes to office culture and cybersecurity, poor password hygiene can be even more worrisome. All it takes is one employee who utilizes the same password across multiple accounts to put the company at risk. It’s important to address this with your employees and look for solutions. Investing in a password manager is always an option and provides your team the means to create and store stronger passwords for everything they do at work.

  2. Unsecured Personal Devices While the “Bring Your Own Device” office culture has its perks, there are certainly risks involved to the employer. Should your company decide to take this BYO route, it is important for your IT team to implement comprehensive policies, including items such as VPN network access and two-factor authentication.

  3. Outside Vendors Not only do businesses have to worry about cybersecurity systems within their own walls, more often than not they need to be concerned about the cybersecurity health of other organizations they work with. Third party vendors may have access to your systems and if their network is compromised it could also wreak havoc on yours. To avoid this, you may consider network segmentation, or dedicated servers that vendors can use so that they do not connect directly into your company’s system.


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