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The Three ‘B’s’ Of Cybersecurity For Small Businesses

This year, roughly half of American small businesses have been attacked by cyber criminals. While you may not be able to escape the threat of cybercrime, you can save yourself from becoming a victim. Small businesses are being attacked now more than ever, but if you follow these guidelines, your business may be able to avoid potential devastation by a cyber attack.

There are many different ways businesses can be attacked. One of them, and possibly the most notorious, is phishing. This is when an individual receives an email that appears to be from a co-worker, a supervisor, or anybody whom they may trust. In reality, this email is being sent by somebody who is waiting for the sensitive information they requested while in disguise. How can you prevent this?

  • Be aware. We have all heard about how we should create un-guessable passwords and never use the same one for more than one site, but how many people actually follow those words of wisdom?

  • Be organized. This means creating secure passwords, and avoiding the use of possibly compromised equipment (i.e flash drives, rewritable CD’s, etc.). Lastly, small businesses need to

  • Be proactive. Businesses should regularly evaluate systems to identify vulnerabilities. Businesses should also make a habit of monitoring who enters the network. When an intruder is detected and an attack ensues, you and your business need to act swiftly in order to avoid destruction. After the attack is completed, it is important to recover quickly to return back to business as usual and to avoid another attack.

After learning and practicing these “Three B’s,” a business could always use an extra layer of armor for their information. That’s where custom software development comes in. At Troy Web Consulting, we place great pride and care into every system we develop. We make sure that everything we create is current and safe, so your information is protected properly.


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