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Grey Castle Security Entrusting Troy Web Consulting For Security

Project Objective: To bring best-of-breed technologies and world-class cybersecurity services to industries ranging from healthcare and higher education, to retail, utilities, and financial services.

Project Background: Watch the news on any given day, and you’re likely to see a story about cybersecurity – measures designed to protect against criminal or unauthorized use of electronic data. From computer-network outages and hacking to malware and computer viruses, cybersecurity is a growing concern - and a growing need – for individuals, companies, and industries alike.

GreyCastle Security, a cybersecurity consulting firm in Troy, NY, knows a thing or two about the practical application of security fundamentals. With 140 active clients nationwide, GreyCastle is the leading cybersecurity services provider dedicated exclusively to cybersecurity and the practical management of cybersecurity risks. And when their clients need application security, GreyCastle turns to Troy Web Consulting.

“Troy Web is our go-to resource for security-related efforts because of their expertise in secure coding technologies. We not only refer clients to them, we also integrate them into our team and our web application security assessment.” — Reg Harnish, CEO, GreyCastle

The Challenge: That assessment, Harnish says, consists of four key components, including a secure-coding “boot camp,” which Troy Web Consulting conducts for GreyCastle’s clients. This step in the process is designed to ensure that clients learn and follow important secure-coding principles based on industry standards and provides a web application security assessment at the source code level.

“The reality is that software is everywhere, and it runs the world. One problem, however, is the vulnerability that comes with software. Troy Web’s secure coding is desperately needed by many businesses.” — Reg Harnish, CEO, GreyCastle

Harnish says they turn to Troy Web Consulting on as many as half a dozen projects each year. Typical projects include those for companies looking to test and verify software security and those that have been hacked and need code review and remediation.

“GreyCastle team members are leaders in security when it comes to people, policies, and practices,” says Jon Briccetti, CEO of Troy Web Consulting. “When it comes to custom application security, we help GreyCastle and their clients understand where code issues exist – ideally preventatively, but sometimes as a result of a breach – and we work closely with them to close the gaps and prevent any future problems.”

Business Impact: This partnership between Troy Web and GreyCastle Security allows both companies to flourish. Troy Web’s ability to test and recommend changes to software helps clients feel confident in its security and helps GreyCastle achieve their goals for these clients.

Furthermore, GreyCastle’s use of Troy Web for these purposes attracts attention and potential new clients to Troy Web.

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