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With a long background in the government sector, we are no strangers to the complexity of regulatory requirements, a significant driver of the challenges of the insurance industry. Considering the fact these regs are mostly implemented at a state level, organizations with any sort of national presence must adhere to multiple regulatory programs, which can exponentially add to the convolution. With nearly 20 years of experience, we have a penchant for the complex. We provide full-service in all areas of software development from analysis of complex regulatory requirements to the elaborate multi-tenant system architecture.

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Regulatory complexity is not the only aspect of the insurance industry that makes it challenging. Today’s technology is helping insurance providers transform into full-service businesses that ensure clients’ safety and success during any challenging time… even in a pandemic or an economic crisis. Insurance companies that can make this transformation, will survive. Gone are the days of sitting back and collecting premiums;  Today’s insurance providers must add real value in an ultra-competitive market, where big data and artificial intelligence are driving predictive models that allow razor-thin margins. Combined with consumer demands in an online world, much of the value of traditional insurance products has waned in favor of comprehensive services and convenience. Today, all businesses are software businesses, but there is no industry in which the winners will be so clearly defined by the quality of their data and their software.

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