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master your website migration

10 Tips for a Successful Website Migration Project

Pro tips our team members follow to deliver commercial-grade websites when migrating from one platform to another.

What goes into a successful website migration project?

These 10 tips, though very useful, are just the tip of the iceberg. Consider working with a team like Troy Web Consulting to make sure things go smoothly. A failed migration can mean a significant loss of revenue and trust for your business. 

A hacked site, an obsolete platform, and an unresponsive developer are some of the common reasons to start a new website development project and rebuild your website. This resource will help you avoid some common disasters with migrating a website that affects:

  1. Domain Name System (DNS) settings

  2. URLs, redirects, and 404 pages

  3. Search and Search Engine Optimization


Avoid some of the disasters that we’ve encountered after years of experience migrating and developing websites.

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Custom software that solves your business problems with an eye on innovative thinking, platform security, and best in breed technology.

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