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A practical guide to software project assessment

Software Project Assessment Guide

To help decision makers prepare for a software development project and avoid project delays or going over budget.


What goes into an effective software assessment?

Without proper preparation, projects get delayed and go over budget. A proper project assessment determines your project goals, scope, and management approach before investing valuable time and resources into its development. Take the first steps to a successful development process with this free software assessment guide.

Inside you'll find:

  • Key readiness indicators

  • Required features and resources

  • Metrics for measuring success

  • Project management approach

  • Business objectives and organizational expectations

  • Critical questions you need to answer prior to beginning development

Heidi Knoblauch

"Doing the project assessment gave us a clear plan of how to move forward with software development. The assessment was specifically tailored to ReceiptHQ and our needs.

It made the entire development process faster while assuring we were developing something that would work. In comparison, this software assessment is like paying an architect to design all the specs and features before starting to build. It is worth the cost and will save you money and time in the long run."

- Heidi Knoblauch, Founder of ReceiptHQ

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