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Mitigating The Risk Of Future Hacking On A Regional Chamber Website

Project Objective: Determine the root cause of repeated hacks and provide a secure server to ensure the integrity of the Chamber’s business and eliminate the risk of future hacking.

Project Background: The Rensselaer County Regional Chamber of Commerce website was getting hacked. Repeatedly. And it was causing some serious problems, including inappropriate content being linked to the chamber’s site. Worst of all, the chamber’s IT vendors at the time could not troubleshoot the problem. The only solution, they said, was a costly website overhaul.

On a hunch, the chamber turned to one of its members, Troy Web Consulting, for a second opinion.

The Challenge: “We knew that our website was running on an outdated platform,” says Staci O’Neill, communications and web strategies manager for the Rensselaer County Regional Chamber of Commerce. “Troy Web Consulting came in and took a deeper look and found that it was our server that was responsible for the hacks. They moved our website to a more secure server. No one else thought of that solution.”

Jon Briccetti, CEO of Troy Web Consulting, says website remediation isn’t always a complicated fix. What matters to them, he says, is getting to the root of the problem and finding the most efficient, sustainable, cost-effective solution possible.

“We don’t duct tape things up for our clients,” Briccetti says. “We are their trusted advisors, and we give them solid, strategic solutions to problems both big and small.”

Business Impact: O’Neill says that ever since Troy Web migrated the Chamber site to a new server in July 2016, they haven’t experienced a single hack.

“I can’t say enough about Troy Web. They are creative, honest and community-minded,” O’Neill says. “Their main goal throughout the project was helping the Chamber, not about getting the Chamber as a client and selling us things we didn’t need. The folks at Troy Web are true allies.”


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