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United Concierge Medicine (TeleSAFE App)

Project Objective: Develop the front end of a new secure, HIPAA compliant application for United Concierge Medicine (UCM) called TeleSAFE. Specific tasks included:

  • Creating and deploying a new mobile application that supports the TeleSAFE product and protect its users

  • Developing the app as a white label app so UCM can rebrand it for different hospitals

  • Getting the core app certified and approved through the Google Play and Apple App Store processes

Project Background: Very few hospitals, particularly those in rural areas, have the ability to provide rapid, competent care to sexual assault survivors 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Specially trained examiners are often not immediately available, and the cost of implementing a fully staffed Sexual Assault Forensic Examiner (SAFE) program is nearly $100,000 per year per hospital—or millions of dollars for a statewide program.

United Concierge Medicine (UCM) wanted to develop an application that would serve as a conduit between sexual abuse/assault survivors and healthcare professionals to provide comprehensive, compassionate care 24/7. The app, TeleSAFE, connects experienced SAFE providers and healthcare providers who aren’t trained in sexual abuse/assault.

Using telemedicine, SAFE experts walk trained medical professionals through sensitive forensic exams critical after sexual abuse or assault, including taking a detailed patient history, conducting a physical exam, and collecting forensic evidence.

The Challenge: Due to the urgency of the medical situation, the application needed to be reliable 24/7

  • The overall use of the app, which held confidential patient data, required the app to be HIPAA compliant as well as 100% secure

  • With multiple user personas using the app it was essential that the design interface was intuitive and easy to use

Business Impact: The TeleSAFE app expands coverage and allows more victims of sexual crimes to get acute care as quickly as possible, 24/7.

“Working with Troy Web Consulting to develop the TeleSAFE app allowed us to focus on delivering the quality of care that is so critical to the TeleSAFE mission,” says Keith Algozzine, CEO and co-founder. United Concierge Medicine. “Their technical expertise in creating the TeleSAFE app was invaluable, as we needed a team that could handle not only the important requirements the app itself, but also the sensitive medical information and situations for which the app would be used. Troy Web Consulting did an outstanding job in working with us to create an app that would help us provide hospitals with access to SAFE examiners, as well as compassionate, innovative care to victims of sexual assault.” — Keith Algozzine, CEO and Co-Founder, United Concierge Medicine


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