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Troy Children's Chorus Website Released

The Troy Children’s Chorus is a local non for profit organization that welcomes all children from the area into the world of music. These children are talented kids who have found an early passion for music and singing. The Children’s Chorus cultivates their love for music in a fun way in summer camps and classes offered throughout the year. They teach the kids proper singing techniques, how to read music effectively, and how to use music to spread positivity. Many of their performances feature a theme of love and acceptance.

Recently, Troy Web donated their services to create a new website for the Troy Children’s Chorus. The original website needed an updated design to attract more visitors. Troy Web and The Troy Children’s Chorus worked together to enhance the website to draw more attention to the chorus. Their non-profit has a lot to offer, so it is important that they are accessible. Now, the website is more user friendly, and registration has never been easier. Visitors will be able to see clearly when and where the chorus meets for practice so they can properly prepare for the semester. Since they are very involved in the community and perform at many local events, it is important that they have a website design that can keep people informed. On the new website, visitors will be able to see all of the chorus’s upcoming events in one place.

In order to make all of this possible, Troy Web used Squarespace to bring the new website to life. The user friendly interface of Squarespace will also allow the Troy Children’s Chorus team to easily keep the website up to date, and customize it to their specific needs.

To see the new website, follow the link below.


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