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Will your next custom software development project succeed or fail?

Follow our project assessment guide to ensure project success.

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A software project assessment is the best way to assure custom software development success. A proper assessment determines your project goals, scope and management approach before investing valuable time and resources in software development.

Troy Web Consulting’s software project assessment guides you through the critical questions you need to answer prior to beginning development. It also uncovers key readiness indicators, including:

  • Business objectives and organizational expectations

  • Required features and resources

  • Level of risk tolerance

  • Metrics for measuring success

  • Project management approach

Avoid some of the hurdles and surprises that can pop up along the development path. Download our FREE project assessment guide.


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Doing the project assessment gave us a clear plan of how to move forward with software development. The assessment was specifically tailored to ReceiptHQ and our needs.

It made the entire development process faster while assuring we were developing something that would work. In comparison, this software assessment is like paying an architect to design all the specs and features before starting to build. It is worth the cost and will save you money and time in the long run.

- Heidi Knoblauch, Founder of ReceiptHQ.

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