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Engineering/Construction Software Development Services

Like software development, the construction and engineering sector is a project-based industry where constant change and the need for just-in-time strategies demand organizations to achieve the perfect blend of predictive and adaptive methods. We know projects; As designers and builders of software, we literally live this industry. We provide full-service in all areas of development from in-depth project analysis to long term maintenance engagements.

CRM & ERP Systems

Time Tracking and Scheduling

Construction Estimating

We are designers and builders of software

Changes in construction and engineering are being driven by a need for a variety of efficiencies. Consumer demands for reduced energy consumption and better green space usage is pushing an industry that is already challenged with labor shortages and more complex infrastructure integration requirements. Advancements in software, augmented reality, advanced data modeling, drones and mobile computing are propelling the field services side of the industry forward. Changes in the contractual and operational aspects of the industry are emerging, as workflows for procurement and project management become more sophisticated and complex. Development and adoption of more sophisticated software systems is at the heart of all this change and innovation.

More Success Stories

Examples of what you will experience by working with us.

The Troy Web Consulting team came back to me with a lot of great stuff and added a lot of value to our RFP process,” Venn says. “Ultimately, I chose them to develop our software. They educated me as a consumer, sat with me multiple times and thought about the long term.

- Mechanical Testing

Construction Workers
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