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Why Legacy Applications Shouldn’t Be ‘Left To Die’ In Their Lifecycle

An IT executive once exclaimed that the best way to handle non-cloud based legacy technologies was to ‘let them die in their own lifecycle.’ We don’t agree. In fact, we realize that the continuous use of older tech is based upon industry-specific use.

What are a few examples of this?

  • Billing Systems

  • Healthcare Systems

  • ERP Systems

  • Etc.

More often than not, legacy technologies plays a critical role in overall organization functionality. Many industries are dependent on these platforms to not only keep their business running, but also carry out critical operations. This is something that can’t simply be abandoned overtime.

For this reason, the team at Troy Web Consulting strongly believe in the Modernization and Integration of technologies through custom development. Our experts will help you analyze, plan and implement your next modernization or integration project.

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