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Why Do You Need A Code Review?

When your potential or current consumer browses your website, uses your application, submits an online form or completes a purchase with their credit or debit card, they have an expectation that their personal information is transferred and stored securely. Protecting your consumer begins with the foundation of your website or application...your code. Verifying that your code is secure safeguards your consumers and helps to ensure that your business is protected against cyber attacks.

Code reviews are systematic examinations of a developers work, intended to identify oversights overlooked during the development phase. There are several benefits of performing reviews. For example, a review might expose some serious vulnerabilities, security risks or offer opportunities for optimization.

Here are three major reasons we perform code reviews and think you should too:

Reviews ensure our developers work hard:

Psychologically, a code review offers a moment of pride. Developers are self-motivated and passionate individuals, driven by their work. While our developers know that someone is always going to review their final product, a formalized process offers an opportunity for developers to showcase successes, question uncertainties and most importantly, receive recognition. In fact, knowing that a project will be reviewed by seniors and peers, developers feel extra-motivation to get the job done right.

Reviews keep our developers sharp:

Collaboration keeps our team growing. When a code review is conducted by our team, everyone learns something new. Code reviews offer the opportunity to bring our team together to cross-train on multiple developer platforms. We strongly believe that collaborating with other developers will help you learn to write more efficient and effective code.

Code reviews also offer great mentorship opportunities. As a developer or programmer, you’re always looking for chances to improve your abilities and learn efficiencies, no matter your experience level. Feedback on your project, from either a peer or senior, will make you more aware of elements you may have previously overlooked, or help you find areas of improvement.

Reviews ensure our clients receive the best:

While many believe that a code review will only result in incremental development improvements, that’s just not the case. One or more code reviews will tremendously improve the overall quality, security and usability of your website or application. This holds true especially during website migration projects.

Troy Web Consulting fosters a culture of learning and personal development for its team, and we feel that code reviews are a critical component of that. Did you know? Our code remediation team is available to provide you with code consultation. Our team can conduct a comprehensive examination of your website or application code to identify security risks, code inconsistencies, bugs, and vulnerabilities. We’ll work with you to prioritize the issue stack, develop and incremental rollout strategy, tackle the code problems and get you results both quickly and efficiently. We design, build and deliver technology that works.


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