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United Concierge Medicine - Telemedicine Application Development

Project Objective: Troy Web Consulting worked with United Concierge Medicine(UCM) to replace the existing third-party mobile app with a new app that is owned and maintained by UCM with the ability to add new features to the application over time. Specifically, the team was tasked with:

  • Rebuilding the application with the following features

    • Reusing the same design and graphics from the existing application

    • Zoom integration

    • Call and submission for call scheduling

  • Deploying to the Apple and Google Play Stores

  • Supporting the transfer app process for the Apple and Google Play stores

Project Background: UCM’s Virtual ER provides 24/7/365 emergency medicine triage by a dedicated team of emergency medicine providers through modern digital tools, including phone, video, and picture. This unique approach to emergency medicine has provided patients more immediate access to care in a customized and comfortable environment.

UCM wanted to develop its application to be more accessible to patients by including features like video calls and call scheduling. Using telemedicine, health care providers would be able to make sure patients received the right care at the right place and time without the risk that comes with visiting a medical facility.

The Challenge: Due to sometimes life or death circumstances, the application needed to be reliable 24/7 in order to properly serve patients in need. An application that was easy to use and readily available was a must. Throughout the development process, the Troy Web team paid close attention to data security and privacy, adhering to best practices, and ensuring that the application remained 100% HIPAA compliant.

Business Impact: The new mobile telemedicine application expanded the coverage of health care providers allowing more patients to be served and assessed from home and in term lightening the load on the hospital staff. Telehealth continues to improve the level of compassion health care providers can give to their patients.


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