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The Mistakes Of Software Modernization + How To Make Yours Succeed

Do You Know Why Software Modernization Fails?

There are many reasons why modernization will fail, but one of the largest reasons is that forcing a business to adapt to new software isn’t the way modernization should be accomplished. If it’s done that way, it forces employees to adapt. It requires changes in business processes. In reality, to best serve your business, it is the software that must evolve to service your practices and needs.

Modernizing your software can be an exciting time of innovation and change.... but it can also be a headache if you don’t ask the right questions and don’t take the right precautions. That said, here are a couple of Troy Web tips to make your transition from legacy to modernized software happen more smoothly.

Ask Questions Before You Build:

Asking the following questions will help you decide if a software modernization is right for you, since there are pros and cons to either staying or upgrading. But the direction you go all depends on the needs and limitations of your business.

  1. What is the size of your business?

  2. Do you want to expand your business significantly?

  3. Will your business structure evolve over time?

  4. Does the success of your business depend on the integration of cutting-edge technology?

  5. What are your time constraints for upgrading your software?

  6. What are your budgetary constraints?

There are some other things to consider if you are contemplating an upgrade. If your current system is outdated, slow, clunky, hard to use---no matter how you slice it--- it might be time to modernize. If your system isn’t mobile-ready/mobile-friendly, you are missing a key piece of technology that keeps you in the same class as your competitors. A mobile accessible system allows for your employees and clients to have access on the go, utilizing your system to its fullest advantage and increasing productivity.

Take a moment to process everything above. Review and answer the above questions. Once you have answered these, the decision about whether modernizing your software is for you and the future of your business should be clear. With that answer in mind, let’s move forward to discuss exactly how to tackle the task(s) of upgrading.

Stay Organized and Commit Resources

Sure, individual needs for modernizing are great, but there is so much more to consider! A project manager can really help your upgrade, stay on track and meet those important deadlines. Also, consider bringing in experts to work with you and your team --- experts in systems, applications, operations and databases that will help keep your transformation organized, smooth and on track to meet individual needs.


Don’t underestimate what a comprehensive plan and testing regime will do for you. Without these, you are far more likely to fail. Through establishing a strategy and series of tests, you build measurable goals with milestones and expectations. These tests will save you time, effort, and money in the long run.

Your Current Software is a Powerful Tool.

You also should never undersell your current infrastructure. Why? Your current infrastructure software is a very complex system built somewhat akin to the human body. It is the aggregate, the pinnacle, of all the features, functions, and processes that have been developed by the countless minds providing input and need-based requests. Disregarding all of the information held within your current platform could be the first mistake of many mistakes, ultimately steering your end goals drastically off course. This is why you should:

  1. Create a catalog: Create a catalog of all the functions your current system is capable of. Creating a catalog of what you already have will help you figure out what makes your system run as many of these functions are essential to your specific business practices. If you don’t create this list, these integral functions will be forgotten as you develop your new build.

  2. Trust in Troy Web: If your software technology needs an update, you will need a strategic partner to support your business with the design and development of a new system.

At Troy Web Consulting, we take pride in partnering with businesses of all sizes on their journey to success. Our team of experts have learned a lot throughout the past 15 years, and we’re committed to providing our clients with the best technological solutions available. We’re Troy Web Consulting and we design, develop and deliver technology that works.


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