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My Love/Hate Relationship with Wordpress

WordPress is really amazing. I can standup a WordPress site on Amazon's EC2 in under 15 minutes. And we've got a developer here at Troy Web who is adept at writing plugins. So, I love WordPress because it can facilitate launching a basic website in under a day. What I hate about WordPress is it is quite often the wrong tool for the job. That's not really the fault of WordPress. People become enamored by its ease of use and try to shoehorn functionality that is probably better served by custom application development. At a certain point they feel locked into the platform. That's never a good thing.

But what really prompted this post/vent is the ubiquity of WordPress plugins. I recently helped a friend move from to a self hosted install. We had to replace some widgets and it took me hours to find a suitable plugin. Not because the plugin didn't exist but rather because there were hundreds of plugins that claimed to offer the same functionality. My new rule for plugins is only install if the number of downloads exceeds 250,000.

So, if you want a WordPress site, I'm happy to help, but lets talk about your site's goals before you commit to the platform.


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