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Google Discontinues Free Version of Google Apps for Business

On Thursday (12/06/12), Google announced changes to their Google Apps for Business offering. They will no longer offer a free version of Google Apps for Business. As of 12/06/12, any company that wants to use Google Apps will need to sign up for the paid version which costs $50 per user, per year. If you are an existing Google Apps customer who is taking advantage of the free version, nothing changes. You are essentially grandfathered in and will not be charged the $50 per user, per year fee. Google is offering existing users an upgrade path to Google Apps for Business at the rate of $5 per user, per year.

I should also note that Google Apps for Education is still available as a free service for schools and universities.

Troy Web is an official Google Apps Reseller If you need assistance with setting up Google Apps for Business, let us know. We can help with everything from simple account setup, to full-scale migration from your existing service provider.


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