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Telemedicine application improves patient-to-physician communication

AngioDynamics, Inc. (NASDAQ: ANGO), is a leading provider of innovative, minimally invasive medical devices. Its vascular access and oncology medical devices and technologies are used by interventional radiologists, nephrologists and surgeons for the treatment of disease.

The Challenge Seeking an improvement in patient outcomes with these implant devices, AngioDynamics recognized the need to develop a technology solution to foster better communication between implant device patients and their physicians. With experience in HIPAA compliance, remote patient monitoring, telemedicine applications and the healthcare industry in general, Troy Web Consulting was the natural choice for a technology partner to take their project from idea to application.

Building the solution Building HIPAA compliant software that is secure, scalable and reliable is no small task. Using our full stack development process, the Troy Web team developed an application that is capable of providing critical information about a patient’s implanted device to both patient and physician. Supporting features include a calendar for patients to view their status during treatments, a database to keep contact information up to date as well as Q & A information to alleviate concerns for both patients and families.

Success In the healthcare industry, success is measured in patient outcomes and with medical devices in particular, the effectiveness of communication between patient and physician is measured in lives. Now, with a reliable software solution in place, AngioDynamics can better support patients and family members with more accurate and timely information. To learn more about AngioDynamics and their innovative medical devices, visit


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