Technology had a knack for creating complexity and adding new problems. Here at Troy Web we build reliable, adaptable systems that are simple, elegant and efficient. From start-ups to government and everything in between, we design & build kick-ass software. 




iPhone or Android? Native or 3rd party? Mobile app or mobile-web? Mobile computing presents an unprecedented opportunity to transform your business and build towards competitive advantage. But like most frontiers, it's very much like the wild west.

What's your mobile strategy?


Need to build a system that's scalable, secure & flexible? We can build it with industry standards like Java, .NET & SQL. Need infrastructure to get you there? We can set you up with Amazon Web Services or other cloud providers.

What do you want to bring to the web?


Compromised? We can air-drop our developers in and tackle the remediation. Compliance? Our application security assessment program can get you where you need to be. Managing risk? Our secure software development life cycle coaching can help you build a preventative practice.

Would you rather roll the dice?