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Software Development Services Without the Headaches

Increase Productivity

Reduce Expenses

Drive Revenue

Software Development can be a Nightmare.

Businesses often struggle with:

Starting From Scratch

"We didn't realize we had picked a technology that was already out-of-date when we started. When our developer left the team we discovered the system wasn't built to standard and no one else could figure out the code. There's no documentation and now we have no way to maintain it."

Outdated Software

"We spent so much time on the initial development, we didn't even think about the updates we needed post-launch. By the time we got to it, we were multiple versions behind and there was no easy migration path. We had security vulnerabilities that couldn't be easily patched and we couldn't get any feature changes done until we went through a massive upgrade. We lost precious time getting our new features to market."


Drawn-out Projects

"We had been working on a new set of features for over a year and it seemed like something else broke every time we made a change. With no end in sight, development became a lower priority as the business kept growing. When we finally went live, the system was unreliable and performed poorly. We have missed too many opportunities to count at this point."

Offshore Problems

"In the beginning, we went with an offshore team to save on the cost of development. The team we hired turned out to be unreliable and we wasted an enormous amount of time waiting, only to get results that weren't even close to our expectations. In the end, our software was unusable. We had to start all over again and lost the opportunity to get to market."

Sleep well knowing your software is commercial grade.

Secure, reliable, performant software.

Eliminate wasted hours dealing with inefficient manual processes or old and poorly built systems.

Inefficient legacy software has a higher cost of maintenance and often produces sub-par outcomes.

If there’s revenue on the line, you need software that is reliable and optimized for efficiency

The benefits of an experienced team

Our greatest success is your success

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We understand the struggles associated with custom software development and the time and budget demands you face. Our tight-knit team and diverse skill set ensure that we can help you, no matter what your software needs are. We tailor our methods and solutions to suit each project, and with in-house project management, we are known to get it done on time and on budget.

Serving our clients

We understand one size doesn't fit all. We develop custom software solutions for clients so they can avoid cookie-cutter solutions that don't meet their needs.

Software Consulting & Business Analysis

The most difficult part of any software development project is knowing what problem to solve. Thorough business analysis will get your project focused on what's most important.

UI/UX Design

With great design comes great user experience. Projects designed well upfront save thousands of dollars of development time and drastically improve user adoption.

Web and Mobile App Development

There's an app (or website) for that. There are many platforms; iOS, Android, Wix, WordPress, and we'll make sure your application delivers.

Modernization & Integration

 Understanding bleeding-edge vs. leading-edge technology is crucial and we implement features seamlessly so they work with your existing infrastructure.

Software Quality Assurance and Testing

We are your second pair of eyes. With decades of experience breaking software, our manual and automated testing processes will help you get those bugs out before your system goes to production.

Maintenance and Data Analysis

Dependencies and updates to browsers, operating systems and app store rules introduce bugs and issues to software in near real-time. Plan ahead by protecting your investment and ensuring your business software runs without interruption 

Troy Web was great to work with. We used them for a security and CMS upgrade and the project was completed on time with a great outcome. The team was great to work with and very understanding of our needs. The weekly updates were a great touch!

- DWM Comprehensive Facility Solutions


What makes us different

Our processes improve our clients' businesses because we understand the headaches that come with software development projects.

Developing Without Troy Web Consulting

Every Time I’ve brought in outside resources they don't seem to listen to our needs or act like they're a part of our internal team. Team morale suffers when they come in and act like they know everything better than we do.

Accountability plummets when moonlighting developers work off-hours and vanish when I need them. They do their own thing and never keep me up-to-date on the progress. Everytime I ask a question, I get jargon.

I discovered that going off shore is only worth it if you don't care about quality or security or maintainability. "Having a guy” worked out for a while until he wasn't around anymore and now what do I do?

Outside developers either don’t know my industry or don't seem to get my business needs. Their solution would have us re-design our business so it can work with their technology choices. We've wasted so much time explaining why that won't work.

Developing With Troy Web Consulting

Efficient, Flexible Team

You control the project organization. Integrate us with your team, keep us stand-alone or anything in-between.  Finally, a non-disruptive, customized approach.

Effective Communication

A NY-based team that provides full project transparency. Regular communication of project challenges and successes, and PM’s that come to you with suggestions not problems.

Cost Effective

See a higher ROI and lower Total Cost of Ownership vs. offshore and “lower cost” providers when factoring in quality, maintenance, rework and security issues.

Industry Knowledge

Development experience across a breadth of industries with a business savvy team that does their homework to fully understand your unique business requirements.

More Success Stories

Examples of what you will experience by working with us.




Developing software and making the decision and investment in software development is not easy. That's why we want you to understand the complexities of software development before you hire a full team.

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