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Node JS Development Company


Scale your Node JS development with onshore talent.

Stable and scalable software with robust functionality for your business needs. Troy Web provides Node JS development services for data-intensive applications that exceed in scalability and performance. 

Node JS Development Company

With Troy Web Consulting, you can trust that our Node JS based applications prioritize performance and scalability to provide modern web solutions that meet your needs. Our experienced developers are committed to delivering innovative solutions that exceed your expectations.

Our Node JS Development Services

Streamline Development

Node.js streamlines web application development by simplifying route handling and HTTP request processing, making it an ideal choice for building scalable and robust applications.

Real-Time Development

Leveraging Node.js' event-driven architecture, real-time applications like chat platforms and online gaming systems can be efficiently developed, providing instant updates and interactions for users.

API Development & Integration

Node.js excels in creating and integrating APIs, facilitating seamless communication between different software systems and enabling the exchange of data and functionality.

Team Members


David Ivey

Senior Developer


Joseph Iaquinto

Senior Developer


Patrick Cullen

Senior Developer

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