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3 Disruptive E-Commerce Trends You Need To Know Right Now

The world of retail is rapidly changing. Retail giants like J.C. Penney and Macy’s, that were once two of the biggest department stores, are now struggling to keep their doors open. Why? Ecommerce.

That said, ecommerce is still transforming before our eyes. Even if your company is currently engaged in ecommerce, there are factors that still need to be taken into account

Mobile Shoppers

Smartphones and tablets are an easy and convenient portal for consumers to research and purchase anything that they need. Optimizing your websites for mobile users is essential to your success in online sales.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a groundbreaking technology that has become advantageous for both marketers and online retailers. AI can automatically help optimize your marketing efforts as well as identify website and mobile shoppers.


Think of chatbots as virtual sales associates. Visitors to the website can message with questions that the chatbot can answer and help them find what they want faster.

In an ecommerce driven world, Optimizing your digital strategy and technology is essential for the survival of your company. Proper use of these trends will help your business stay relevant and profitable.

Troy Web Consulting offers an entire suite of ecommerce solutions for businesses of any size. Our team of expert developers have the ability integrate your new or existing platform with the latest technology, or simply build you a custom solution. We’re Troy Web Consulting, and we know electronic commerce.

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