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.NET Framework: A Top Choice for Application Development

What is .NET?

Microsoft .NET is an open-source development platform for building both simple and robust applications. It has an extensive library created by Microsoft with multiple platforms including .NET Core and Xamarin/Mono (For mobile applications). Below are some of the many features that make .NET such a powerful tool for developing robust software applications. When you combine .NET and Microsoft's Cloud ecosystem, Azure, you end up with a powerful platform for a scalable, enterprise system.

Object-Oriented Programming:

The framework adapts Object Oriented Programming concepts, which eliminate unnecessary code and provide more reusable components. This allows for a more cost-effective approach to application development. OOP also allows for better developer tools, like the very popular Visual Studio Code (aka VSCode), that can do powerful refactoring and general coding efficiencies that are hard to get in loosely typed languages.

Security and Reliability:

It offers enhanced application security, which is why it is used heavily in the finance and healthcare industries. Frequent updates and patches from open source developer feedback have allowed for a more reliable and up to date system that is continuously improved upon. Since its release in 2002, it has been used for thousands of applications and its open source framework has made their performances stable and reliable.


It can be used on several operating systems including Windows, Mac, Linux, Apache, and Docker, meaning your project can be easily deployed to different platforms when necessary. Development teams have the freedom to select the language that is best suited for them. As a language independent platform, it supports a wide range of languages, including C#, F#, C++, and VB.NET.


(A core value of Troy Web Consulting) .NET can be installed as a part of the application you are developing or separately (For example, having more than one version running side by side on the same machine). Thus, its extended flexibility allows you to cover different projects and perform a deployment task efficiently.


Along with an open source framework, .NET also includes libraries for specific areas of your application development. Therefore, it is the ideal choice for startups, healthcare, or banking industries working around a small budget while needing a secure system.

There are numerous business advantages of Microsoft .NET application development. The .NET framework is a reliable, secure, and easily integrated framework for many applications. Backed by two decades of experience, Troy Web Consulting provides clients from different industries with a full line of .NET application development services. Like many other ASP.NET development companies, we’ve relied on .NET and continue to utilize its features to build web applications and services.

Troy Web Consulting is an expert at deploying complex systems, including “Server Less” technologies like Azure Functions and Azure Logic Apps. Want to make your next modern, scalable web app with .NET and C#? Download this free software project assessment guide to ensure a robust, high-performing application using the .NET platform.


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