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Laravel: a solid option for web application development

The Laravel PHP Framework plays a big part in many web application development projects and is one of the many frameworks that the Troy Web Consulting team specializes in. Boasting easy maintenance, an agile development approach, and robust features, it's easy to see why Laravel software development companies choose Laravel to develop applications with a competitive edge.

Laravel is Integrated

Need to send some promotional or informative email notifications? Use the SwiftMailer library or drivers for Amazon SES, Mandrill, and more. With a slew of integrations, many existing applications can be integrated into your Laravel app to save time and budget. Laravel comes with support for many external resources, such as mail servers or S3 storage. If it's not included in the main package there are often community resources to handle those integrations as needed.

Laravel is Dynamic

Laravel is great at separating the visual components, from the backend, or “server-side”, logic. This enables designers and front-end development teams to work independently of backend developers to modify and update the visual aesthetic and the user experience of an application.

Laravel adopts an MVC architecture, which brings it more in line with other high-level application frameworks, to allow for a greater level of performance, security, and flexibility when your application needs to scale. With enterprise applications comes high levels of complexity and Laravel is made to handle them all. To make things easier, the Laravel framework also handles some of the common tasks like authentication, routings, and caching, allowing developers to focus on the more complicated aspects of the application.

Laravel is Constantly Updated

There are some benefits to the development process when dealing with such a popular framework. Issues are highly reported, resolved, and tested and updates are made throughout the year. On the actual application side, PHP Laravel offers integrated automated testing to ensure a bug-free framework. Quotes from our team

Laravel is an Opinionated Framework

Which means any developer who knows the framework will be able to be productive after they understand your specific business rules. This allows a smoother transition between developers, including if you end up hiring in house resources. - Daniel Wilson, Senior Developer, Troy Web Consulting

The Laravel Community is Robust and Generous

There is no shortage of content to consume to better ourselves and stay up to date with the latest features and best practices. There is a company called Onramp working on making it as easy as possible to introduce new developers to the Laravel ecosystem. Further, there are several well-known Laravel devs and companies that are continuing to spur growth in the web-dev community.

  1. Adam Wathan with Tailwind CSS and resulting organization

  2. Spatie constantly releasing open-source packages to cover literally anything

  3. Beyond Code releasing a bunch of productivity tools for PHP/Laravel experts/devs etc.

Queues and jobs - Super easy to write and utilize queues and jobs to handle async processes. Whether small (e.g., sending mail out on registration but still prevent locking up the UI while interacting with external API to send mail) or larger off-loading long-running processes (e.g., breaking up huge reports and running in the background), easy to write and run. - Nick Pakatar, Senior Developer, Troy Web Consulting

Fast Setup, fast development, and fast deployment - Spinning up a solid Laravel application to begin a new project gets you right into building the core functionality in only a short amount of setup time. Scaffold a standard login system in no time, and build off that. or include a composer dependency to wrap a Salesforce integration without a hassle. It won't build the app for you, but it will lay the groundwork for you to get coding faster, and the framework will get out of the way while you build, but will also encourage proper code standards and organizational structure. - Josh Shea, Senior Developer, Troy Web Consulting

What if you can understand what it will take to build your own Laravel application? What if you can avoid common pitfalls that happen when developing custom software?

Typically clients would come up with an idea, document their thoughts, and start development. It’s like sketching a house on the back of a napkin and saying “Let’s do something like this”. Before your development team writes up that first line of code, equip them with a clear and complete path to follow. Download the software assessment guide to better understand the full scope of your project before you call in your custom Laravel developers or a Laravel app development company.


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