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2018 Software Resolutions

It’s easy to fall into bad habits, both in our personal and professional lives. January is the perfect time to start fresh! So, while you are working on creating resolutions in your personal life, take time to examine your habits in the workplace.

To ensure that you and your technology are working at full capacity and ready for all 2018 has to offer, you may need to make some changes. Here is a list of nine resolutions that our team at Troy Web Consulting believes will help you take your business (and technology infrastructure) to the next level in 2018.

  • Resolution #1 - No more project specs on the back of a cocktail napkin. Execute a requirements gathering/design phase.

  • Resolution #2 - No more random user interface designs by developers or stakeholders, hire an interaction designer for the job.

  • Resolution #3 - No more testing with just your developer. Hire a 3rd party testing team or at least have folks in that dedicated role.

  • Resolution #4 - No more arbitrary design decisions. Plug in analytics into your system to make informed design decisions.

  • Resolution #5 - No more manual deployments. Leverage continuous integration and automated builds to improve the quality of your deployments (and lower the risks).

  • Resolution #6 - No more helter-skelter database migrations - execute code-based migration scripts for backward compatibility and scripted upgrades and deployment. Keep those migrations scripts in version control!

  • Resolution #7 - Speaking of version control, it’s time to get with Git and stop screwing around with zip files or subversion!

  • Resolution #8 - Put jQuery in its cage - stop using a DOM selector framework for front-end applications. It’s time to break out the angular, react or vue.js frameworks.

  • Resolution #9 - No more markup by hand. This year we’re going to make the switch to templating frameworks like RAZOR and BLADE.

All of the above resolutions were created and compiled by our President and CEO Jon Briccetti. At Troy Web Consulting, we are always focused on creating software to optimize productivity in your business. We believe that having the proper software makes all the difference, and we are ready to help your business succeed. For all your 2018 New Years resolution needs, give us a call! We are looking forward to setting your business on the right path. Cheers to the new year!


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