History of Troy Web Consulting

In the late 90's, as internet technologies began to heat up, a small group of software developers in New York's Capital District began to convene around Allaire's flagship product ColdFusion, a web application server that was changing the software development world. By the fall of 2002, after a period of economic turmoil, buyouts, mergers and internet bubble busts, ColdFusion was in the hands of Macromedia and Troy Web Consulting emerged as a local internet technology leader.

Partnering with Macromedia and the State of New York, Troy Web Consulting set out to carry forward the enthusiasm of the ColdFusion community. Distinguished by a diverse group of talented, business-savvy consultants, our mission was simple: Bring the agility and power of ColdFusion to businesses and government, provide the best customer service in the marketplace and create an engaging, rewarding workplace.

A decade later, our mission continues. Troy Web continues to be the area's recognized leader in ColdFusion and we've.evolved to deliver custom solutions in many other technologies, including Java, .Net, iOS, HTML5, Flex, Flash, JQuery, php, Drupal, Wordpress and various other platforms. We've worked with hundreds of clients, designing systems, securing infrastructure, mentoring teams and writing lots and lots of code.


Build, Share, Lead

Troy Web Consulting sees a world where technology has the potential to transform our lives for the better. To create a more engaging world of innovation in technology and software development, we build technology solutions that make a difference, share our knowledge with others and lead the way to a better world where technology solves problems.


Support business & government with technology that works.

Technology has a knack for creating complexity and adding new problems. We remain focused on solving problems and building systems that work.

Create solutions that are simple, efficient & reliable.

We deliver the elegance of simplicity with a focus on security, performance and stability. We adopt industry standards when appropriate and drive new standards when needed. Our architecture, code and processes are streamlined and precise.

Be agile and flexible.

We adapt quickly to client needs. We leverage the flexibility of architecture and coding techniques to meet requirements as they evolve. We avoid one size fits all thinking and build tailored solutions that work.

Contribute to the community.

We share what we learn. We educate, mentor and encourage autonomy. We give all that we can.

Core Values

Since its inception, Troy Web Consulting has maintained a collective focus on a set of core values. These values unite us and serve as the foundation of our brand.

We lead by example

We practice what we preach. We are highly skilled, dedicated, trustworthy professionals and we expect the same integrity from others.

We embrace change

We are eager to discover, learn and adapt to whatever comes our way. We incorporate change into all aspects of our work.

We are always up for a challenge

We love to exceed expectations. We see challenges as an opportunity to create a huge WOW factor.

We love what we do

We are passionate about what we do. We are committed to ourselves, others and the task at hand. We seek meaningful, engaging work. We wish there were more than 24.016438356164383561643835616438 hours in a day.

Software Development Philosophy

Agile Software Development

Troy Web Consulting is an agile software development company. Most of our projects are best served by utilizing an Iterative and Incremental Development (IID) approach, one of many agile methods. IID allows us to rapidly turn out phased cycles of a website or software system and bring base features to market quickly. Enhancements to the core system can then be planned, developed, tested and deployed accordingly. In conjunction with IID, we use various other agile methods, on an as needed basis, including Test-Driven Development (TDD), Rapid Application Development (RAD) and Extreme Programming (XP). Each method offers unique advantages that can help accomplish the goals of a project.

In addition to these agile methods, we center our practice on the general notion of keeping things simple. This philosophy incorporates a lot of the principles from Getting Real publication by 37 signals, available on line at http://gettingreal.37signals.com.

Performance, Stability & Security

Troy Web Consulting builds systems which have performance, stability and security as architectural cornerstones. In the world of changing technology & shifting business needs, these principles are often overlooked and the consequences can be severe. Our solutions are rapid, not hasty. As Business savvy consultants, we understand that businesses must bring their products to market quickly, with 360° of reliability.