Security Consulting

Our experienced software developers and our strategic partners at GreyCastle SecurityVeracode and the Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center (MS-ISAC) can help bring you the 360 degrees of security vision you need for your projects.

Code Remediations & Incident Response

Our Code Remediation Team is available to air-drop on-site and help you fix your code problems. Incident? We can respond swiftly. Known vulnerabilities? We'll work with you to prioritize the issue stack, develop an incremental rollout, tackle the code and get you results, quickly & efficiently.

Application Security Assessment

Regardless of why you need to assess your security posture, finding the weaknesses is no easy task. Our team will use a wide array of techniques to assess the overall security of your applications and guide you through our custom assessment program to help you gain compliance with industry standards like HIPPA, PCI or FFIEC. The outcome? Managed Risk : Your business will be protected, your customer data safe and you'll get some well deserved sleep at night.

Secure Software Lifecycle Development (SSDLC) Consulting

Security, performance, scalability - these architectural cornerstones are often the afterthoughts of rolling out an application. Management will make the case, "We'll worry about that later" and the conesquences can be severe. A single SQL injection attack can wipe out your application, data, and more importantly, your reputation.

Managing that risk is relatively simple, but far too few development teams do it.

Troy Web Consulting can work with you & your development team to establish a well defined process for developing software, with security, stability and reliability at the core. Because we practice what we preach, our team knows the ins-and-outs of managing application security risks, from code to infrastructure, people to practices.