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Remote Work Policy and Business Continuity Templates

Life is never as predictable as we think so we can never be too prepared. Use these resources to keep your team on the ready for the random moments like having to switch the entire staff to a remote working environment or even having to implement a pandemic response plan.

What goes into an effective remote work and business continuity policy?

Concrete policies and guidelines are key to preparing for the unexpected while running your business. A proper plan allows for a quick and effective response which in turn can save your business from disaster.

Enclosed you will find (4) key templates that will help you develop a more secure business model and hopefully, one that can endure unforeseen events like a global pandemic, natural disaster, and other business continuity situations. These include:

  1. Remote Work Policy

  2. Pandemic Response Plan

  3. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan

  4. Security Policy and Plan Inventory


Help brace for the surprising impact of unexpected situations by implementing these policies and guidelines into your own businesses. During the start of The Coronavirus Pandemic in 2020, we did not expect to be implementing these policies but were very fortunate to have them.

These policies allowed for an easy transition into a company-wide remote environment, allowing us to quickly adapt while continuing to serve our clients.

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