Troy Web Consulting - Best Places to Work 2018

On Dec 7, 2018, Troy Web Consulting was recognized as one of the 2018 Best Places to Work by the Albany Business Review. Troy Web is a Troy-based custom software development firm founded in 2002. Since then, they've grown from 13 employees just five years ago, to 31 employees today. Lead by their CEO Jon Briccetti, Troy Web Consulting brings both innovative and reliable software solutions to their clients.

In their own words, "We build kickass software".

More specifically, Troy Web Consulting is a recognized leader in custom software development, integration and modernization, and software consulting and assessment. Its diverse group of talented, business-savvy designers, developers, & consultants, build reliable, adaptable systems that are simple, elegant, and efficient while using .NET, Laravel, Angular, React, Vue and other modern technologies.

The Albany Business Review had a few questions for the winners:

Using one word, sum up your company’s culture:


What steps does your company take to ensure your workplace culture remains strong?

We hire based on behavioral skills as much as technical skills, primarily because technical skills are much easier to learn than behavioral skills. We’re committed to developing teams. We take action when there are issues that threaten our culture of idea sharing, knowledge sharing, and kindness. One of the most difficult things we’ve had to do is let talented technical people go because they didn’t demonstrate real teamwork.

What’s something interesting about your company that most people don’t know?

We have a large number of people with very diverse backgrounds and a penchant for the arts. We’re not just a bunch of computer nerds. A significant portion of our college graduates has liberal arts or non-computer science degrees.

How does your company find the people it needs?

We’ve taken a different approach to hire. Rather than hire for specific positions or based on specific job postings, we constantly look for great people and when we find them, we hire them and then find the work that lines up best for them. We continue to build our business around the people we work with – employees, partners, and customers.