Mobile Application Development

Mobile computing presents an unprecedented opportunity to transform your business and build towards competitive advantage. But like most frontiers, it's very much like the wild west. Troy Web is here to help mitigate the challenges presented by this emerging environment and help you capitalize on your investment.

Mobile App or Mobile Web?

With the proliferation of smartphones and tablet computing, it is essential to have a mobile user experience available to your customers. Sometimes this experience can be delivered via the browser as a mobile website. Troy Web knows the ins & outs of building the perfect responsive web design so one site delivers the custom experience for each device. Sometimes, you need to deliver something more robust than a mobile website can do. If you need something that's both highly personalized and highly interactive or if you need to do heavy lifting with sending/receiving of data or leveraging the native features of a devices (such as a camera or geolocation service) then you need a mobile app. We at Troy Web understand these distinctions and intricacies and can help you get started with your mobile website or mobile app today.

iPhone, Android & Blackberry?

Today, the smartphone and tablet market is intensely fragmented. It can be overwhelming to decide which operating system or platform to target. When you're on a budget, you have to make the most of your investment and target the most relevant users available. We're here to help in this process by deploying to a variety of platforms and devices with our cross-platform tools, so you're not limited to one operating system.

Native vs 3rd Party?

There are times where you may need to utilize the advantages presented by a native application, meaning an app developed specifically for a major operating system (think iOS or Android). A third party development platform may not always present the ideal mobile user experience, or you may only be targeting users of one particular platform. In these cases, Troy Web has the tools and the talent to get your mobile app running natively on your platform of choice.