Technology changes and your system needs to change with the times. Modernizing your system may not be as painful as you think. Modern microsystem architecture allows independent systems to use simple internet protocols to communicate and distribute work.

We can help you devise a plan and iteratively roll out upgraded components to your system to make the task at hand more manageable.

Are you out of date on support for your legacy system and concerned about security? Do you need to wrap your legacy system with an API? Do you need to upgrade your legacy Microsoft ASP application to MVC .NET? Are your PHP apps in desperate need of a framework overhaul to Laravel? Are you making the most of modern application services and design patterns such as a workflows, message queues or service buses?

If you answered "Yes" or "I Don't Know" to any of those, give us a shout. Troy Web Consulting can help you analyze, plan and implement your modernization project today.


Is your toaster on the internet yet? It may not be, but a surprising (sometimes alarming) number of devices are using internet protocols to communicate and interoperate with system all over the globe. The Internet of Things (IoT) is taking the tech world and the start-up business community by storm. 

Intelligent systems can communicate with other systems and data sources in order to analyze and derive findings, trigger notifications and kickoff business processes… the potential is virtually limitless. But with this power comes great responsibility and the risks and stakes are much higher than ever. Recently, internet connected “Nanny Cams” were the source of one of the biggest attacks the Internet has ever seen

Are your software systems (and devices) distributed? Do you need connectivity, real-time interoperability or analytics developed between these systems? Troy Web Consulting can help you pull it all together securely, with an eye on maintainability, all while leveraging the power of a connected Internet of Things

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