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A Chat with AWS about AI

Real AI/ML AWS projects and what you should know

June 14, 2023 at 8:30:00 PM


Troy Web Consulting Office

333 Broadway, Suite #250,

Troy, NY, 12180

An in person event focused on what Tech Leaders need to know to navigate the new wave of AI/ML technology and how to be successful leveraging Amazon Web Services tools to do so.

Why should you care?

Business leaders recognize the significant impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) on various industries. With a multitude of AI/ML applications emerging, it can be challenging to discern the most effective ways to integrate them into your organization. AWS, in collaboration with Troy Web Consulting, invites you to a thought-provoking discussion about the advantages of AI and Machine Learning and their potential applications in your business.


Adam Siemiginowski


Head of Business Development

Anthony DeBonis

Troy Web Consulting


Jesse Roberts

Amazon Web Services

Principal Solutions architect

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Who will be there?

Hear from the following businesses that are currently implementing AI to augment and improve their systems:

Virtual Moving Technology

Using a phone camera and Artificial Intelligence, their software can identify different objects in a room and make an inventory for a moving company.


Potential use of Computer Vision in the lab to measure wound healing over time laps.

Also, hear from an industry expert at Amazon Web Services (AWS) on their software that can be integrated into your business and maintained at a low cost:

Jesse Roberts - AWS Principal Solutions architect

With 26 years’ experience as a developer, analyst, DBA, architect and executive. At Amazon Web Services, Jesse serves as the Lead Solutions Architect for their State, Local Government and Education business in the eastern US where he is enthusiastic about leveraging cloud technology to improve government and education. Prior to AWS, he worked for 20 years at Boeing before a brief data architecture stint at General Electric after which he joined Maximus as an architect and then Vice President of Architecture. Jesse has a passion for helping others solve problems with IT solutions. Outside of IT, Jesse is a co-founder of the Rensselaer Repair Café and serves on the Board of Trustees for both Woodland Hill Montessori School and the Arts Center of the Capital Region. He mentors formerly incarcerated students in Python and general coding through the Justice Through Code project at Columbia University’s Center for Justice.

Who should attend?

This event is intended for key leaders and decision-makers (CTO, CIO, CEO, etc.) who have an interest in learning how to implement AI/ML technologies into their business. This event is not intended for strictly technical roles as it won’t be about the “how”  to implement the technology but about the business benefits it brings.

Other reasons to attend?

  • Hear firsthand information about what's possible with AI without all the hype and noise.

  • As AWS partners, Troy Web can acquire funding from AWS to put towards the development of your AWS AI integration project.

  • Networking sessions with other business leaders and decision-makers

  • Free drinks and refreshments after the work day!

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