Inventory, shopping carts, checkout - is that all there is to electronic commerce? No. Not every e-commerce platform is a retail-esque experience.

For businesses selling one or more products or services, e-commerce offers a way for businesses to facilitate online transactions. What might this entail beyond the traditional retail experience? Sophisticated reconciliation tools for financials, advanced security, all-inclusive analytics integration, membership and online subscription management and comprehensive buy-now experiences that allow shoppers to sign up, make a payment and enroll as an affiliate on your platform.

At the core of e-commerce is the incorporation of secure payment gateways in your custom software, and the experts at Troy Web Consulting do plenty of that.

Why Troy Web Consulting:

Troy Web Consulting offers an entire suite of e-commerce solutions for businesses of any size. Our team of expert developers have the ability integrate your new or existing platform with the latest technology, or simply build you a custom solution. We’re Troy Web Consulting, and we know electronic commerce. 

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