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{Mobile App Development Services}

Troy Web Consulting has developed, upgraded, and launched several world-class mobile applications on both the Apple app and Google Play store. Mobile is redefining how we connect with customers, family, and friends, and building applications that are both user friendly and secure is crucial. Your data is your own and your users’ data needs to be secure. Our customizable custom software development process enables us to develop at speed while keeping security at the forefront of development no matter the size and scope of your project.

Continued App Compatibility Support

An update to an operating software often means an update to the conditions for approved apps on the App Store. A new device often means new designs (Like a notch on the screen) and features. Over the years we have learned the ins and outs of getting mobile app past the approval process and continue to stay up to date on all new operating systems. To make sure application remain up-to-date, we offer mobile app service plans to all our clients, continuously making necessary updates to their application. An update to the App Store will not mean downtime or crashes for the application.

Jon: This has the language we want to be communicating about not only these app store updates, but the importance of a mobile app service plan

The App Store will soon help users understand an app’s privacy practices before they download the app on any Apple platform. On each app’s product page, users can learn about some of the data types the app may collect, and whether that data is linked to them or used to track them. If you haven’t already, enter your app’s privacy information in App Store Connect.

As a reminder, this information will be required to submit new apps and app updates to the App Store starting December 8, 2020. Existing apps will remain available for download. Learn More

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