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Why does your software project need a business analyst?

Wait - what is a Business Analyst?

A Business Analyst is a member of the software development team who analyzes the business domain or model, documents its processes and systems, defines business requirements, and creates an actionable plan to build the software.

Okay, so what does a Business Analyst do?

Business Analysts ask

The Business Analyst is an energetic thinking partner who leads meetings with project stakeholders to understand the scope of a project and its goals. During these meetings, BAs ask targeted questions about the project - questions such as:

  • Who are the users of this system - what are their goals?

  • What are the user flows of this system?

  • How many clicks does it take to go through those flows?

  • What does the entire system look like and how will we build it?

  • Are these features needed? Are they in the right place on the application?

  • What technical architecture does this system need?

  • Do these technical systems work together?

  • What business problems are you solving with this software solution?

  • What are the benchmarks of success for your system and how can we measure them?

Business Analysts define and document business requirements to answer these questions. Business Analysts in Software Projects communicate the requirements with designers, who create the visual look and feel of the system, and developers who build the application. Throughout the software development process, BAs and the internal team collaborate closely to make sure the system meets the requirements as they evolve over the project lifecycle and the big-picture goals of the stakeholders.

Business Analysts define:

Why do I need a Business Analyst for my Software Project? Why can’t I do everything myself?

Working with a Business Analyst has many benefits:

  • Common understanding between the project stakeholders and the internal team

  • Faster, more streamlined development

  • Fully defined features in the right place - don’t waste time and budget building features you don’t need

  • Conceptualize the end result at the start and define an actionable plan to get there

  • Create a map of the system and how the parts interact

  • Uncover details and questions that need clarification before development, saving time and budget

  • Avoid pitfalls and identify key opportunities through the BA’s depth of experience, setting the project up for success

  • Ensure that the project stays in scope throughout the development process and satisfies the requirements defined at the beginning of the project

Isn’t it exhausting trying to do everything yourself?

Can your project benefit from partnering with a Business Analyst? Schedule Office Hours with our Business Analysts.


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