Our Mission Is To Design And Build Kick-Ass Software.

In 2002, Troy Web Consulting formed from a small band of software developers in New York's Capital District who had convened around various rapid application development tools that were beginning to define the agile web.

Distinguished by a diverse group of talented, business-savvy designers, developers, & consultants, our goal was simple: to bring the agility and power of rapid application development to businesses and government, provide the best customer service in the marketplace and create an engaging, rewarding workplace.

More than 15 years later, our mission lives on. Troy Web Consulting is proud to be the area's recognized leader in Custom Software Development, Experiential Design, Integration & Modernization and Consulting & Strategy

{ Our Core Values }

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Be Agile, Flexible and Lean

Embrace Change

Pay Attention
to Details

Lead by Example

Give Back

Kick-Ass and
Take Names


PHP, C#, .NET, Javascript, Java, Node.js, Titanium, ColdFusion, AngularJS, React, Vue.js, jQuery, HTML5, CSS, Cordova, MySQL, MS SQL Server, MongoDB & Elasticsearch.

Frameworks, Standards & Tools
Laravel, .NET MVC Framework, .NET Core, Java Spring Framework, Grails, Ionic, Express, Bootstrap, Foundation, TeamCity, Selenium, Jenkins & Git.

Don't be afraid to ask
We work with all kinds of technology everyday - Alexa, Siri, Raspberry Pi; We've been doing all kinds of IoT device integration for years: solar panel monitors, museum display case monitors, internet enabled padlocks & cameras. We even have a licensed drone pilot on staff.